Experience the Art of Cigar Making

Our experiences offer a unique and unforgettable time for cigar enthusiasts and curious visitors alike.

Witness the intricate process of cigar-making firsthand as skilled cigar rollers use time-honored techniques to create each cigar by hand. 

The liquor & café pairing
for consummate flavors

The intellectual fun-ride derived from all the know-how imparted and shared during the experience

The smoking pleasure
of an on-the spot rolled cigar

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Visit the Cremo Cigar Factory

Cremo Cigars is not just a purveyor of high-quality cigars; we are also passionate about sharing our expertise and craftsmanship with customers. Witness the skill and artistry that goes into making each Cremo cigar by hand, ensuring superior quality and flavor.

Here are some reasons why customers should choose to tour the Cremo Cigars factory:

  • Gain Insight into the Art of Cigar Making: Experience the unique and unforgettable process of cigar-making, which is a combination of science, art, and passion.
  • Be Part of an Intimate Tour: Enjoy a personal and intimate tour of the factory, which provides an up-close look at harvesting, sorting, aging, and rolling tobacco leaves.
  • Learn About Cigar History and Culture: Learn about the rich history and traditions of Cremo Cigars, which have been passed down for generations.
  • Sample Cremo’s Finest Cigars: Factory tour participants will have the opportunity to sample some of Cremo’s finest cigars, allowing them to experience firsthand the exceptional quality and unique flavors that set Cremo Cigars apart.
  • Connect with Cigar Enthusiasts: Connect with like-minded individuals who share the same passion for premium cigars and appreciate the finer things in life.

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