Bundles Of 10, 15, 25, 50


This package contains a bundle of 10, 15 25 or 50 freshly-rolled Maduro Handmade/Long Filler cigars.

By purchasing one of our cigar bundles you will receive a premium stack of unlabeled cigars, rolled by Cuban Level-9 rollers.

100% Quality. 100% Satisfaction. 100% Guaranteed Savings. Because smoking great cigars should be a passion that everyone can afford.

Our cigars are made in small quantities to ensure perfection and consistency that only an ultra-boutique manufacturer can produce. Each roller is limited to 100-125 cigars per day to maintain quality, and each day’s work is then inspected by another Master Roller/Blender to guarantee that each cigar is of the highest standard for the aficionado.

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