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A Cigar Subscription with Cigar Accessories

A cigar subscription often goes beyond just cigars and include accessories that enhance the overall cigar smoking experience.

The evolution of cigar accessories mirrors the evolution of cigar culture itself. As cigar smoking gained popularity and sophistication, the development of specialized accessories followed suit, catering to the needs and preferences of cigar enthusiasts. Today, the world of cigar accessories continues to expand, with new designs, materials, and technologies being introduced to enhance the enjoyment of cigars.

Cigar Subscription

Cigar cutter with Cremo Subscription

Cigar Subscription

T-shirt memorabilia with Cremo Cigars subscription.




Accessories included with Cremo Cigar Subscription Sign up


Here are some common accessories that can be included in monthly cigar subscriptions:

  • Cigar Cutters: Cigar cutters are essential tools for preparing cigars for smoking. They come in various styles, such as guillotine cutters, punch cutters, or V-cutters. Including a high-quality cigar cutter in the subscription box ensures that subscribers have the necessary tool to properly cut their cigars and enjoy a clean draw.
  • Lighters: A reliable and efficient lighter is crucial for lighting cigars. Subscriptions may include butane torch lighters or traditional soft flame lighters. Providing a quality lighter ensures that subscribers have a convenient and effective way to ignite their cigars.
  • Ashtrays: Ashtrays are designed to hold and collect the ashes and debris that come from smoking cigars. Including a small, portable ashtray in the subscription box allows subscribers to enjoy their cigars without worrying about creating a mess or searching for a suitable place to ash their cigars.
  • Humidity Packs: Humidity packs or humidification devices help maintain the ideal moisture level for cigars. Including humidity packs in the subscription box ensures that the cigars arrive in optimal condition and remain fresh and properly humidified. These packs can be essential for subscribers who may not have their own humidor or humidification system.
  • Cigar Rests: Cigar rests provide a convenient and hygienic place to rest a cigar between puffs or when it’s not being smoked. Including a cigar rest in the subscription box helps subscribers keep their cigars clean and free from contact with dirty surfaces.
  • Cigar Cases or Travel Humidors: Travel cases or humidors are portable storage solutions that allow cigar enthusiasts to carry their cigars safely when they’re on the go. Including a compact travel case or a small travel humidor in the subscription box offers subscribers a convenient way to protect and transport their cigars.
  • Cigar Accessories: Other accessories that can be included in monthly cigar subscriptions include cigar punches, cigar stands, cigar holders, cigar books or magazines, or even tasting journals. These additional accessories enhance the overall cigar smoking experience and provide subscribers with valuable resources and tools.

Including accessories in monthly cigar subscriptions adds value and enhances the enjoyment of the cigar smoking experience for subscribers. These accessories complement the cigars and provide convenience, functionality, and a more complete experience for cigar enthusiasts.

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