Honoring the Ages-Old Tradition of Cigar Rolling with Our Cigar Factory Tours

Enter the captivating world of cigar factory tours in the Dominican Republic, where centuries of tobacco history come alive. At Cremo Cigars, we demonstrate the artistry of cigar rolling and let tourists and locals savor the rich flavors that have made Dominican cigars renowned worldwide.

We give guests a glimpse into the fascinating connection between the early origins of tobacco in America and the flourishing industry in the DR. From the indigenous peoples who first cultivated tobacco to the skilled artisans who meticulously hand-roll each cigar, explore the legacy and traditions that have shaped the Dominican Republic into a cigar aficionado’s paradise.

What to Expect

Cremo Cigars takes guests on an unforgettable tour of a traditional Dominican Republic cigar factory. Learn more about the inner workings and meticulous craftsmanship involved in making each cigar. Here’s what to expect from our cigar factory tours:

  • The Art of Cigar Making: Witness the mesmerizing process that transforms raw tobacco leaves into exquisite cigars, gaining insight into the intricate techniques that define our work.
  • Intimate and Immersive Experience: Immerse yourself in an intimate tour that takes you through every step, from carefully harvesting and sorting tobacco leaves to the patient aging and precise rolling, offering a first-hand glimpse into our dedication to perfection.
  • History and Culture: Delve into the rich heritage and traditions that have shaped Cremo Cigars for generations as our knowledgeable guides regale you with stories that paint a vivid picture of our esteemed past.
  • The Finest Samples: Savor the distinctive flavors and aromas of Cremo’s finest cigars, allowing you to appreciate the impeccable quality and exquisite nuances that set us apart.
  • Once-in-a-Lifetime Connections: Forge connections with fellow cigar enthusiasts, fostering a sense of camaraderie as you exchange tales and insights with those who appreciate the finer aspects of life.

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