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1896 criollo habano

This month’s members’ cigar offer is the 1896 Criollo Habano, a smoke that first premiered on the very year of Cremo’s establishment in New York City. These very special Criollos come in a 6×52 ring gauge Toro size for your puffing pleasure. This month only, get a three-pack of 1896 Criollo Habano for $10 each.


We are launching our own Cremo Factory Golden Ticket. 

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Our Story

Cremo Cigars was founded well over a century ago (1896) by George Washington Hill when he decided to produce an American-made 5¢ cigar in New York City. Headquartered in Manhattan, the establishment of Cremo came 2 years shy of New York’s consolidation in 1898, when Manhattan would become the center of a 5-borough megapolis. Since its conception, Mr. Hill sought to place Cremo well above other brands by being one of the very few first producers to use advanced cigar rolling machines. It soon became common knowledge that Cremo featured superior fine quality tobacco from the Caribbean islands. Again, another key differentiation benefit.

George Washington Hill was convinced that his cigars were the best in the market. He sought to further expand their popularity among Americans and achieved by implementing brilliant marketing strategies in the early 1900’s. His most remarkable idea was to commission wall and façade mural painting —trailblazer?— to advertise the Cremo brand nationwide. The advertising effort was so successful that some of these original murals can still be seen across the country to this very day.

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We are Miami’s Premier Cigar Rolling Services, offering our clientele Premium Boutique Cigars that are meticulously hand crafted live at your event.
Our Mission is to provide you and your guests a one-of-a kind experience of luxury cigars that will set your event apart from all the rest! Your guests are able to indulge in an array of exquisite, hand rolled premium cigars. 
We have partnered with Cremo Cigars to ensure your guests are receiving a Premium Product that they will truly enjoy!

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Our mission is to introduce murals that reflect the rich culture and history of a neighborhood.

Our mission is to introduce murals that reflect the rich culture and history of a neighborhood.

We began collabing with a local artist to paint one wall. Now, we have inspired a movement with local business owners and have completed numerous murals with more in the works.

Today, the neglected spaces are filled with gravitating art.

Today, the neglected spaces are filled with gravitating art.

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