Bing Crosby – The Cremo Singer

Bing Crosby

Think back to a time when men donned fedoras and three-piece suits, not cargo shorts and t-shirts. A time when handkerchiefs magically appeared should their girl need to dry her eye, and when a cigar, delicately dangling from their lips, was the only accessory a man ever needed.

Think Bing Crosby.

Crosby was the world’s first multimedia star, earning an Academy Award, three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and dozens of musical and theatrical accolades. His song White Christmas, which was recorded in 1942, remains on the Top 25 Christmas songs today – almost eighty years later.

Recognizing that he was in a class by himself, Crosby became The Cremo Singer in 1931. Cremo Cigars, like Crosby, are in a class by themselves and remain the best-selling cigars in the world.

Throughout the early 1930s, Cremo sponsored Bing Crosby’s musical variety radio show where families would gather round to listen to his scat singing and jazz-style phrasing. When you think about a time of simple pleasures, think Crosby and think Cremo.

When you need to let someone know that they are in a class by themselves, give the gift of Cremo, and tell them the story of Bing. It’s sure to light up their smile!

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