Experience Art In Overtown

Experience Art in Overtown

A resurgence of towns all across America are emerging from their own shadowy past by taking art and cultivating the community. The founders of Cremo Cigars are looking to help revitalize historic Overtown through art in public spaces. The reason behind their passion is they have seen how art-driven events create a sense of unity and community. “We engage community members, and improve economic growth and together enjoy being part of this fulfilling process,” state the founders. They want to provide the tools by which they guide their actions and their values include the following collaboration, boldness and continuous improvement.

Thanks to art many communities in the Miami area are resurging and bringing back a sense of life to the areas that artists work. Art affects every sense of life and the activities surrounding public art are endless. Creating art festivals and places for the exposure of emerging and existing artists gives life to the community. That is why our founders are proposing an arts festival where various artists will paint murals throughout the city. Sample locations include areas that surround already focused mural areas NW 11 ST and NW 2 – 3 Avenue.

The key to accomplishing our goals is to create a diverse team comprised of industry experts. They are fully charged to stand out from the crowd and innovate. Explore new Miami culture and experience through art, sounds and tastes.

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