Cremo Brings Back the 5¢ Cigar

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At Cremo, we are proud to announce that we have replicated the uber-popular Cremo Victoria 5¢ Cigar. Cremo was established in 1896 by George Washington Hill with the idea of producing superior quality cigars for the discerning smoker. By the turn of the century, he started dabbling with the idea of producing 5-cent cigars for the masses. By 1930, Cremo was the number one 5¢ cigar company in America. Today, at Cremo, we have replicated the very special Victoria cigar to a tee: 5 7/8 inches long, 50 ring gauge, a medium-sized Parejo-shaped stogie weighing in at 17.62g, classified as a Robusto Extra, making it one of the thickest cigars in the entire Habano portfolio.

In this old-yet-new size and shape, the ethos of Cremo cigars is not lost unto us: we remain a consistently 100% American handcrafted product with the highest of Cuban flairs and ancillary craftsmanship. Truly, we are an American-Cuban cigar factory and shop.

Although both Cremo and cigar smoking are often equated with luxury, we are now, as we were back then, intent on bringing this utter pleasure to the masses, allowing literally everybody to afford the very best of cigars… any day, any moment. This is the founding tenet behind our upcoming launch of what we have aptly termed the Trip C: Cremo Cigar Club. A QR code will give access to our Membership Page, where you will be able to join a select club that seamlessly blends vintage pizzazz, the unmatched flavor of our Cremo cigars, and all manner of membership perks and benefits. This exclusive club membership will launch —you know it!— with a free Cremo 5¢ Victoria as a sign-up bonus; we will replicate this offer every month with different 5-cent flavors, plus discounted rates ($1.50 off EACH bundle cigar in) of our top blend bundles. Seasoned history clips, anecdotes, pearls, and bullets will accompany every notification and communication that comes your way.

So, remember, be on the lookout for these hashtags, very soon in a post near you:

  • #SmokeCremo
  • #CremoCigars
  • #CremoCigarClub

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