LOVE’S LABOR’S NOT LOST upon us at Cremo, as we continue to mollycoddle the unhurried production of custom-ordered bundles for our cherished clients.

First, we receive different packages of tobacco leaves at our Overtown facility.


Then, our devoted Zafadores will begin laying out all the different blends and strengths, separating, grouping, and organizing each as they punch them up to the correct dark to light sorting.

Bethuning or infusing tobacco with the client’s requested hand-sprayed liquor is the next stage of the process.

Loyal customers, incoming fans, and newfound Brothers of The Leaf are on the expectant end of Cremo’s bundle presentations. Our premium cigars are rolled daily at our all-American depot in Overtown, but generously showered with the Caribbean flavor that only guaranteed Cuban-seed tobacco products can bring to the fine cigar smoking experience.

You’re a single click away from ordering puffing excellence as packed in a variety of bundles with personalized blends.

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