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Cremo’s new website hit the “newsstands” recently like a bundle ‘o joy, getting roaring reviews from long-standing clients and newcomers alike. Sporting new verbiage and imagery, the site continues to be an easy-to-navigate introduction to Cremo’s all-American premium boutique cigar brand. Individually crafted by dedicated Level 9 rollers from Cuba, the discerning customer can continue to shop Classic, Vintage, Grandeur, and Maduro long and short filler cigars as singles, bundles, and in 5 or 20-pack boxes, introducing some very special editions. The creamy flavor profile that has defined our brand since its very roots comes in 3 shapes and strengths for a smoking pleasure of yore and today alike.

So, What’s New

Cremo Bundles have been experiencing growing interest and demand. Coming up with a simple yet brilliant idea —that is, stacking premium unlabeled long filler Maduro cigars fresh off the batch — Walter ‘Lilo’ Santiago continues to pump new life with a renewed spirit into our 120+ year old brand and company. Introducing a buffer line between the typical walk-in single and the storied boxed pack of 5 or 20 cigars, he expects this format to democratize cigar smoking, making it a passion that everyone can afford.

The online Bundle shopping experience has also been simplified, to make it that much more appealing to get your hands on a wrapped offering that can go for as little as $80 for a 10-count bundle of Robustos. As we climb the pricing ladder all the way up to $300, other shapes featured are the formidable Toros and Torpedos, with the tentative bundle size increasing from 10 to 15, 25 or 50 units, all beautifully assembled in Connecticut, Habano or Maduro wrappers.

What Else?

In honor of the recent move to Historic Overtown, Cremo sports all-new vinyl-like logo imaging. Let’s not forget that this move was fundamental to Cremo’s ethos and its belief that quality begins by equating own brand to own factory, making sure quality control is independently exercised at every step of our end-to-end process.

Black Cremo Logo

The Cremo website also features two new experiences that celebrate the fruitful and ongoing collaboration between Cremo and Cigar Stud. The Cigar Tasting Tours make a little bit of live history and a pack full of flavor available to groups 2-6 strong, for an affordable introduction to 2 grand experiences featuring live cigar rolling by master torcedores, with or without liquor, cafecito and chocolate pairing.

Finally, in tune with this alliance, a visible, top-of-page link to the sorts of personal or corporate events Cigar Stud can cater, with at-home or destination iterations, so you can take premier cigar rolling services on the road anywhere in the US or in proximity locations such as the Caribbean.

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