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Habano Oscuro Pack

Quality • Tradition • Community • Location

Specialty. Custom-made. High-end. Premium. Boutique. Personalized.

All these adjectives are a true reflection of the Cremo Cigars ethos and true-natured passion for the making of a top-quality product that the cigar aficionado can be proud to behold and smoke.

American Production, Caribbean Roots

However, this intent does not exist in a vacuum. Cremo is adamant about the nature of its cigars:

An all-American handmade product seeped in the century-old traditions of cigar rolling of the Caribbean, namely Cuba. As has been made abundantly clear by myriad Cremo clients by now, “I buy your cigar bundles and boxes because they are a truly outstanding American product, but with the craftsmanship and art that all cigar smokers appreciate, rooted in old, aged history.”

Click here to read about our latest passion project: the fascinating story of handcrafting and custom-painting cigar boxes as corporate gifts for friends and clients.

Community is King

Cremo Cigars has, is and plans on remaining open throughout the pandemic. As a small, local business, Cremo is filled with great pride knowing that it has kept its operation alive and running, maintaining the job security of its professional and dedicated team, respecting at all times the established protocol, and always, always helping and giving back to the community.

Calle 8, now Overtown

As a cigar brand rooted in age-old tradition, Cremo has great respect for location, location, location. When the brand was relaunched over a decade ago, it was clear that it would establish its headquarters in Miami’s Little Havana, in the famed Calle 8, brimming with Cuban flavor. Now, in yet another bold move forward, the Cremo Cigar factory and shop have set up camp in Miami’s Historic Overtown, an up-and-coming community with deep roots in American art and performance history, where Cremo is already making its mark.

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