Red Rooster: Great Expectations In Overtown

Red Rooster Great Expectations In Overtown

Long Overdue Project To Bring Sumptuousness And Zing In Equal Measures


  • 9 months of Expectant wait
  • 0 need to replicate the Flagship in Harlem, NYC (“Overtown is Overtown”)
  • 2 outposts in London’s Shoreditch and Miami’s Overtown districts
  • 2 chef hands (Marcus Samuelsson’s) with Swedish and Ethiopian roots
  • 3 December opening
  • 3-minimum ongoing menus, including Dinner, HH, Cocktails, Beer & Wine, and Desserts
  • 1 Tamarind Tree aged 50 and soaring 30 feet featuring in the restaurant garden
  • 3 major support Pillars: Miami CRA, the Simkins Family and promoter Derek Fleming
  • 6 featured weekly Happenings


Toss: A top floor dedicated to showcasing works of art by burgeoning local artistry, as well as a selection of some of the country’s most promising visual creators curated by the restaurant’s very-own David Simkins and Derek Fleming. Led by works of the late Purvis Young, once Overtown’s local wonderboy, the selection will bring distinction and further curious eyes to a neighborhood in dire need of TLC.

Stir In: The space will also serve a helping of local bands intertwined with established funk, soul, gospel and jazz-themed nights throughout the week, making the venue a potential hotspot for the fine art of seamlessly blending music and fare.

Cook: The rich and relief-laden bio of Historic Overtown serves as inspiration to Marcus Samuelsson’s multistoried menu, with nods to local fare and comfort food landmarks—Sour Orange Pork ribs, Succotash, Viking and The Keys, Gladys Knight & The Sips, this last one a cocktail featuring Floribbean gusto in the form of watermelon, melon and lemon. Mostly, however, it is the veritable backbone on which this ambitious project stands, one that hopes to bring recognition, jobs and countless new sets of eyes in the form of local residents and tourists… eventually and deservedly highlighting the community district’s destination potential.

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