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Difference Between Handmade & Machine-Made Cigars

Difference Between Handmade & Machine-Made Cigars

People often say that once you get used to a handmade cigar, there’s no going back to a machine-made one. It’s not that machine-made cigars are bad. On the contrary, they’re affordable and consistent in their flavor. However, more care and soul are put into the production of handmade cigars.

The cigar market in the U.S. currently stands at $12.7 billion, and all cigar manufacturers would agree that machine-made cigars make the most of it. They cater to a broader market segment, making handmade cigars all the more special. But let’s dive into this article and explain the main differences between handmade and machine-made cigars to understand what each offers.

Handmade Cigars

Not sure if you’re aware, but when someone says premium cigars, they refer to handmade ones. Even though it’s just a cigar, to the torcedor (a term for cigar maker in Spanish), it’s pure art. They roll each cigar by hand until they end up with a perfectly crafted cigar.

Crafting these cigars is long and involves cigar makers selecting and blending tobacco leaves for a unique flavor. Unlike machine-made cigars, where cigars are massively produced, handmade cigars are personalized. Here are some of the countries known for cigar-making:

  • Are you even surprised? This is where cigars originate from. Cubans have produced premium cigars since the 18th century, and their products are highly respected today.
  • Dominican Republic. This is where some of the finest cigars come from. It started with local farmers selecting the best tobacco leaves to boost production. Fast forward to today, and their cigars are still renowned for quality and luxury.
  • Nicaragua & Honduras. These are the countries from where the most complex cigar variations come, as they’re often a blend of up to four different types of tobacco leaves.

In addition, handmade cigars often undergo aging periods. They’re like fine wine – as time passes by, the flavors will meld and evolve. These cigars are produced in smaller quantities, which is why smokers crave them even more.

Machine-Made Cigars

As for machine-made cigars, they’re still precisely produced but are consistent. Each cigar’s flavor isn’t unique like it’s the case with a handmade cigar. They taste the same, come in the same sizes and shapes, and are far more affordable than premium cigars.

If you’re a machine-made cigar enthusiast, then you know they’re readily available across different regions. You can find them in all local stores and don’t have to worry about them going out of stock.

However, this is exactly why machine-made cigars are also beloved by customers. Simply put, everyone can afford them. They’re always available, and their flavor is consistent, meaning you shouldn’t worry about unpredictable tastes.

Cigar Manufacturers’ Artistry and Tradition

Human touch is something that’s easily replaceable, and the same goes for cigar production. But don’t fret. Whether you choose handmade or machine-made cigars, their quality almost always depends on the cigar manufacturers you’ve purchased them from.

If you’d like to hold and taste a perfectly crafted premium cigar carefully created by our artisans, explore our Cremo cigar shop and pick some of the options available. We have everything from bundles to variety packs, so make your choice today!

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