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The Purpose of Wholesale Cigar Bundles

Wholesale cigar bundles are typically packaged groups of cigars that are sold in bulk quantities to retailers, distributors, or other businesses.

These bundles serve several purposes in the cigar industry:

Cost Savings:

One of the primary reasons for offering cigars in bundles is cost savings. Buying cigars in bulk allows retailers to receive a lower per-unit cost compared to purchasing individual cigars. This cost advantage can be passed on to consumers, making bundle purchases an attractive option for those looking for a more economical way to enjoy cigars.

Volume Sales:

Wholesale cigar bundles are designed to facilitate large-volume sales. Retailers often purchase bundles to maintain a consistent supply of cigars for their customers, especially if they have a high demand for popular and affordable options.

Retailer Profitability:

Retailers can achieve higher profit margins by purchasing cigars in bundles at a lower cost and selling them individually at a higher price. This pricing strategy helps retailers attract price-sensitive customers while maximizing their profitability.

Variety and Assortment:

Cigar bundles often include a variety of cigar sizes, blends, or flavors within the same bundle. This allows retailers to offer customers a diverse selection at a reasonable price, catering to different preferences and expanding their product offerings.

Promotions and Specials:

Cigar manufacturers and distributors may use wholesale bundles as part of promotions or specials. This can help introduce new cigar blends or clear excess inventory by offering attractive pricing incentives to retailers.


Retailers may have the flexibility to create their own custom bundles by selecting specific cigars to include. This allows for a tailored assortment that aligns with the preferences of their customer base.

Events and Celebrations:

Cigar bundles are commonly used for events, weddings, or other celebrations where a large number of cigars may be needed. Retailers and event planners can purchase bundles to ensure an ample supply for such occasions.

Cigar Lounge Offerings:

Cigar lounges or smoking clubs that sell cigars to their members may find cigar bundles to be a practical and cost-effective way to provide a variety of options for their patrons.

Online Retail:

Many online cigar retailers offer wholesale bundles as part of their product offerings. This allows online customers to buy cigars in larger quantities, taking advantage of the cost savings associated with bulk purchases.

Overall, wholesale cigar bundles cater to both businesses and consumers looking for cost-effective options without compromising on the quality of the cigars. They provide flexibility, variety, and affordability in the cigar market.

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