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Everything You Need to Know About Cigar Aging

Everything You Need to Know About Cigar Aging

Cigars are like fine wine – they only get better with time. Aging cigars is a process that enhances the flavors, aroma, and overall smoking experience of an individual. Cigar enthusiasts believe that aging premium or custom cigars is an art form that requires patience, care, and a little bit of luck. Whatever knowledge you have about cigars, it’s possible to age your own cigars at home and on a reasonable budget.

What Is Cigar Aging?

Cigar aging is the process of storing cigars for an extended period, usually for several years. The aging process allows the tobacco leaves to ferment and mellow, which enhances the cigar’s taste and aroma. During the aging process, the cigar’s oils and flavors become more refined and balanced, so you get to enjoy a smoother and more satisfying smoking experience.

Why Age Premium Cigars?

Why Age Premium Cigars

  1.  Cigars evolve in taste and aroma as they age.
    Cigar tobacco is an organic material that continuously changes and ferments over time. This is why cigars undergo numerous changes throughout time. A well-aged cigar will burn better, release various flavors, and will decrease the harshness when smoked. It’s up to you to age them for as long or as short as you desire.

  2. Cigars with a larger ring gauge will age better.
    Thicker or bigger ring gauges have more tobacco hidden from the outside environment, allowing the cigars to age for an extended period. 

How Long Can You Age Cigars?

Most premium cigars have already aged before they’re released for sale. However, the aging process does not stop once the cigar is rolled and packaged. They will continue to age in their packaging, and the process can be accelerated or slowed down depending on how you store them.

You can age your cigars depending on several factors, like the cigar’s blend, the storage conditions, and personal preference. Generally, premium cigars can be aged for several years; some can even be aged for decades. 

However, it’s important to note that not all cigars are suitable for long-term aging. Some cigars are meant to be smoked immediately, while others are best aged for a few years.

Are Older Cigars Better Than Younger Cigars?

The age of a cigar does not necessarily determine its quality. Some cigars are best when smoked fresh.  Others may require a few years of aging to reach their full potential. However, in general, premium cigars that have been aged for several years tend to offer a more refined and complex smoking experience.

How Do I Store My Aged Cigars?

How Do I Store My Aged Cigars

Cigars should be stored in a cool, dark, and dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperature changes. Humidity is also essential for aging cigars, and they should be stored in a quality humidor with a constant humidity level of around 70%.

When storing aged cigars, avoid opening the humidor frequently to prevent disrupting the humidity levels and affecting the aging process. Also, rotate the cigars occasionally to ensure even aging and prevent any mold or pest infestations.

Aging Cigars Is Better With Cremo Cigars

For many cigar enthusiasts, aging cigars is an art form that needs patience, care, and attention to detail. Of course, not all cigars are meant to be aged, but the ones that are can give you a more refined and complex flavor. Proper storage plays an important role in the aging process and the right storage conditions will provide a satisfying smoking experience for everybody.

Cremo Cigars makes ultra premium, Cuban-style cigars and custom cigars delicately hand-made in Miami. They’re guaranteed to provide you an elevated smoking experience that only gets better with time. 

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