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Advantages of Handmade Cigars Over Machine-Made Cigars

The Advantages of Handmade Cigars Over Machine-Made Cigars

Cigars have always elevated an individual’s smoking experience for centuries, with smokers relishing the unique tastes, aromas, and satisfaction that come with each cigar. However, a debate among cigar enthusiasts has been going on for years: Are handmade cigars more superior than machine made cigars?

While both types of cigars have their benefits and drawbacks, many believe that handmade cigars offer a better experience than machine made cigars. Here’s why. 

Quality Control

The most obvious advantage of handmade cigars over machine-made ones is the way they are made with greater attention to detail and quality control. Handmade cigars are expertly crafted by artisans who carefully select and blend the tobacco leaves, wrap the cigars in the appropriate binder, and finish them with a skillful touch. This ensures that each cigar is crafted to perfection, and you can rarely see any defects or inconsistencies in the tobacco blend.

On the other hand, machine made cigars are produced in large quantities, and the tobacco used is usually of lower quality. These machines are designed to mass-produce cigars, which means that quality control is not always a top priority. This can result in cigars that burn unevenly, have poor construction, or taste bitter.

Flavor and Aroma

Because they are made with high-quality tobacco blends, the taste and aroma of each handmade cigar are unique, and cigar smokers can savor hints of the different blends. Handmade cigars also tend to have a fuller and richer taste, because the tobacco has not been processed by machines.

Meanwhile, machine-made cigars often don’t have variations because of their uniform taste and aroma. The tobacco used in these cigars is usually treated with chemicals and other additives to ensure uniformity, which may result in a bland and uninteresting smoking experience.

Artisanal Craftsmanship

Artisanal Craftsmanship

The art of handcrafting cigars is a centuries-old tradition that has been passed down through generations of cigar makers. Each artisan has their own unique style and approach to making cigars, which means that these cigars are never alike. The care and attention to detail that goes into each handmade cigar is a proof of the skill and dedication of the artisans who make them.

When it comes to the artisanal craftsmanship of machine-made cigars, they are usually produced in a highly mechanized and automated process, making little room for individual creativity or skill. Sure, this is a more efficient and faster method of cigar production, but it also means that the cigars lack the artisanal craftsmanship that makes handmade cigars so special.

Social and Cultural Value

If you check every cigar brand out there, they would always boast that their cigars are handmade. That’s because handmade cigars have a social and cultural value that go beyond taste and quality. They are often seen as a symbol of luxury and sophistication, and they’re enjoyed in the company of friends or colleagues. There is a certain allure to lighting and smoking a handmade cigar. It’s an experience that most smokers enjoy because they can slow down and savor the moment.

And then you have the machine-made cigars, which are often seen as a disposable commodity because of their little cultural and social value. They are usually smoked alone, and are not associated with the same level of luxury or sophistication as handmade cigars.

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While we can’t deny the efficiency and convenience of machine-made cigars, handmade cigars offer a superior smoking experience in terms of quality, flavor, craftsmanship, and social and cultural value. Those who truly appreciate the art and tradition of cigar-making know that there is no substitute for a finely crafted handmade cigar.

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