Overtown Provides A New Miami Culture Experience

Overtown Miami

Overtown is deeply rooted in the historical fabric of what built Miami in the 1950s and 1960s into the modern city it is today. Rich in history, culture and diversity, formerly claimed as the Harlem of the South, Overtown is now getting the recognition it deserves. It is noteworthy because of its proximity to downtown Miami, Brickell Financial District, Wynwood and Midtown Miami and its emerging art scene and restoration of historic churches. We can see it is rapidly emerging into a cultural mecca. Art and culture has expanded at an unquestionably rapid pace with museums, galleries and historic churches regaining prominence, including the newly built Brightline MiamiCentral Center steps away. We can see a resurgence of Overtown emerging from its own shadowy past.

Cremo’s factory is proud to support Overtown. We have strategically placed our factory and invested in the community by contributing to the local economy, cultivating the existing cultural growth. The store is located on NW 3rd and nestled just off of I-95 and 395, joining a few new businesses in the area in bringing a new prospective of what Overtown offers to residents of Miami-Dade. Explore new tastes and sounds of a new Miami culture experience.

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